Is Goucher still a sister school?

I went to Hopkins in the late 1970s. At that time Goucher was all female and Hopkins was 30% female. My impression was that Goucher was somewhere you went to meet someone from Hopkins or Navy. For example, a Goucher girl told me “my sister is going to Smith, but I couldn’t get into a good womens college”. The implication was that her parents were looking for her to get an Mrs. degree.

My impression was that Hopkins men were condescending, as I may seem, and that Navy men were expecting the Goucher girls to act a certain way and say what they were supposed to. My impression was that Goucher was sort of finishing school style and class-oriented. Goucher girls would expect to be taken on formal dates, and were absolutely perfect in terms of how to act on a date and so on.

Is any of this still true? Is it just a regular coed liberal arts school now? I hope I am not offending anyone, but that was my impressions from a long time ago.

By Hopkins do you mean Johns Hopkins?

Hi Sattut,
No, it’s a LAC with a very diverse community. My S was accepted class of 2019.