Is grad school worth it? Are there any short cuts? Art teacher?


I’m wrapping up my undergrad with a double major (mass Communication and visual arts) and I’d like to teach elementary level art part time but I know nothing about the process of getting my masters in teaching.

  • I know I have the endorsement requires

I’m just curious if theres any other shortcuts that can get me into a classroom setting?

Start with your state department of education. That website will have the information about what is needed for certification, and whether alternative certification pathways exist. For part-time work, certification might not be necessary at all.

Agreed…obtain your certificate/degree in the state you want to teach in.

You might be thinking a shortcut is the way to go rather than to get a masters. However teachers are place on contracts with “steps”. While you might be able to get hired without a masters, you will earn more money with one and remember, in those types of contracts ,it also affects your retirement. You will have greater contributions to your retirement plan and in the long run it is well worth it to have the masters. Also, the highest paying schools will require a masters anyway.

This may be different in different states, but I know my brother intentionally did not get his master’s degree until after he had several years of experience teaching. A lot of schools apparently won’t hire you with a master’s degree and no experience because they owe you more money than someone of equivalent experience with only a baccalaureate.