Is GRANT money taxable?

<p>D1 received generous grant from her university to do undergraduate research. YEA! Is this considered taxable income?</p>

<p>Check out my post in the Parent forum here. The url for it is:
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<p>Frankly, I don't know why moderators won't keep this as a sticky thread.</p>

<p>By the way, your answer is that your child's grant will probably be taxable if research is required or other services are required in order to keep the scholarship. Read my post, noted above.</p>

<p>Thank You! Great info. Your post answers many other questions we had also. D1 will be studying abroad next year. The grant is an "incentive award" to facilitate her research. I believe the only requirement is that she return to her university next Spring to present her research at a conference. As far as we know,(not much) there is no stipulation how this money is to be spent. Does a university expect a line item expense report?</p>