Is GS Friendly towards Military Vets?

<p>Hello everyone!,</p>

<p>I'm new here and wanted to ask you if the GS school at columbia is military friendly?</p>

<p>thank I you for any input.</p>

<p>Yes, extremely.</p>

<p>The MilVet organization at the university is among the best, most inclusive groups of its kind. And generally, the entire city of New York really is grateful for its vets, for obvious reasons.</p>

<p>I can't think of a school better suited to the needs, concerns, and goals of veterans. Just reach out to someone in MilVets and ask for a personal testimony.</p>

<p>Thank you everyone for the responses, I apologize for not replying to the post I couldn't locate the thread, now I have some concerns and maybe you guys might be able to shed some light. Please be brutally honest, a little about me, I served 5 years active duty in the Marines, I did 1 year of voluntary work in the national guard as an instructor for young soldiers, teaching them core values, miliary instruction rank customs and courtesy etc. I have been to many countries, visited many sites to include Nazi concentration camps and Pearl Harbor, both very impacting experiences, one is to read and hear about them the other is to actually be there ans see it for yourself, I'm a father of two so between that school and the military not much room for extra curricular activities, i did volunteer work in mexico at an orphanage but I wont mention that on the application because I did it on my own dime and no record was kept on my behalf and also because I don't want to benefit from that in anyway, I volunteered for funeral details, I was born in the Dominican Republic, I speak 3 languages and have two LOR one from a Colonel in the Marines (he was the pilot who flew the flag in 9/11) and another LOR from an Army Colonel as well as an LOR from my H.S. principal and one from my honors Hist Professor at the CC that I'm attending I'm planning to transfer to GS and I currently Possess 60+ credits. I come from a home where my parents are from a poor back ground where work puts food on the table and not books, in other words they were work oriented and so I grew up in that type of environment, now for the first time in my academic life I'm getting A's and B's but unfortunately my GPA is a 3.2 which is not even a competitive GPA. I dont mean to rant I'm trying to give you a well rounded Idea of me. So my question is do I stand a chance in getting into Columbia GS? now dont assume that I'm insecure or that I dont believe in myself or what I'm capable of achieving but rather in the aspect of the admission process, like I said feel free to be blunt and brutal, but on the same note I'm seeking positive mature criticism.</p>

<p>P.S. I'm aware of the grammatical errors, hard to type with one hand and a child on the other ;)</p>

<p>There's never any harm in trying. Just do your best and see what happens.</p>

<p>Thank you coma I appreciate your input. Anymore .02 cents out there?</p>

<p>The GS folks, it's been said, have a holistic approach to the application review process. That being said, your GPA is very low by GS standards. Some saving graces would include an improving track record (that is, your GPA is at least improving each semester), overwhelming career and parenting responsibilities that would be prioritized above schoolwork. An orgasmic essay and some fellatious letters of recommendation wouldn't hurt, either.</p>

<p>LMFAO @ "an orgasmic essay and some fellatious letters of recommendation."</p>

<p>On another note, good luck Brohlijk. Hope you can make it work.</p>

<p>thnks Boola! I'll need some luck dipped in a cup full of grace!</p>

<p>Anybody else??</p>