Is Having Two Fellowships Possible?

Hello, I just have a quick question. I am in the running for receiving a school funded fellowship for a program I am considering. However, there is also a federal fellowship program I am looking at because I meet all of the criteria and the benefits are better (they provide money for travel to and from professional events, plus a guaranteed job). If I had to pick between the two the federal fellowship would certainly be my choice, but I am just wondering would it be possible to stack the federal fellowship on top of the school fellowship? I haven’t seen anything on either website saying it’s not feasible, but I just wanted wanted to know if anyone has done this or has knowledge of someone that has?

Very unlikely if they both cover tuition in addition to the other benefits. You’ll need t check with each. My D won a fellowship that covers everything. To accept, she was required to decline/withdraw all other fellowships/applications.

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Thanks for the info!

every school is different. At my D’s grad school, if one receives for example an NIH fellowship, it covers the first xx years and then the school places its Fellowship to cover the remaining years. So they are not stacked, but the student still receives both.