Is Hendrix a party school?

<p>I'm about to start my senior year, and Hendrix College in Conway, AR is definitely one of my top college choices. I was on the campus for four weeks this summer at Governor's School, and I absolutely loved it. I love everything about the school, except one. Everyone I talk to about it is kind of like, "You don't really want to go to Hendrix, do you? You know it's a really big party school, right?" I know partying, drugs, and alcohol can be found at any college, but people have made it seem like it dominates at Hendrix. I'm not a partyer, I don't drink, and I don't do drugs. If I went to Hendrix, would I find a large group of students like me? Or would they be rare and hard to find? I definitely don't want to go to a school where everyone else is doing stuff that I'd rather not be a part of.</p>

<p>I think you will find your group! everyone @ hendrix is not into the party scene and even at the schools that are not known for not having a party scene there are people doing some crazy stuff! it is just like if you knew what some of your neighbors or even family members were doing you may be shocked! have you talked to any current students ?</p>

<p>First of all, please do not cross Hendrix off your list just because you hear that it is a “party school.” Yes, there is a population at Hendrix that likes to party, but there is also a population at Hendrix that does not like to party. Like yourself, I entered Hendrix my freshman year unsure of what the social scene would hold for me. I was not into drinking, I was not into drugs, and I had no intent of starting once I came to Hendrix. I quickly found a group of friends that much preferred to hang out in each other’s dorm rooms watching movies, making cookies, cooking dinner, talking about life, etc. on a weekend night. When I did decide to join the official campus parties I went sober, and left sober. No one picked on me because I made that choice, and I was never pressured to drink. Sure, people will politely offer you a drink here and there, but if you say no they say, “Alright!”, smile, and let you be. As an incoming senior, I do enjoy to go to more parties now than my freshman year, but I can still be found spending one weekend night each weekend doing homework or relaxing with my friends alcohol free. Safe to say, you do not have to go out and party every weekend at Hendrix, or you can go to a party every night and not drink–the choice is yours, and it is respected. Just put some water in a cup and no one will ever know :slight_smile: I want you to understand that Hendrix does have a party scene, just like any other school, but I also want you to know that not everyone parties every single weekend, and you will have no problem finding people like you. I hope this helps!</p>

<p>Thank you so much for the reply! I was really worried about the partying because that’s all I’ve heard about Hendrix, so it’s really nice to hear from a current student that it’s not all like that!</p>

<p>I don’t have anything against Hendrix but a friend told me that some students from my daughter’s high school visited there and had student guides and they said “they were all high”. Now, I’m sure 100% of the students aren’t like this but it made a really bad impression on these students who were touring because they are not interested in that.</p>

<p>My son is a freshman at Hendrix and just went back after winter break. The college is known for its parties but I don’t think they are necessarily fueled by drugs or alcohol. There is a close, inclusive campus culture and the kids like to have fun. Do some of them drink and smoke pot? Of course. But they do at most colleges. There is absolutely no pressure for anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.</p>

My son is leaving Hendrix College primarily because of the party scene. I know that everyone says “there are drugs everywhere” but some colleges have more than others. The administration knows underage drinking is a problem (they were making beer in an empty dorm room!)–I believe this college has a lax attitude to drinking and drug use.