Is Hillary Clinton Baked?

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<p>That was a stupid thing to do. I'm surprised anyone thought she could get away with it.</p>

<p>fif was baked pretty much all through college...</p>


<p>in all caps.</p>

<p>well, you know how they say that obama claimed to use more drugs than he actually did in university</p>

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<p>I remember that visit very well. I was working in Bosnia at the time and was at Eagle Base when she arrived. In fact, I was on the tarmac when she landed. The biggest danger that we faced that day was mud which was a persistent danger anywhere in Bosnia at the time. Hillary was traveling with a particularly stupid and obnoxious major contributor from Texas. I can attest that although parts of Bosnia were dangerous at that time, Tuzla was indeed the safest place in the country, mainly because it was our biggest base.</p>