Is Hispanic Scholarship Fund for Truly High Achievers Only?

I’m trying to decide which scholarships I should encourage my son to pursue this fall as a senior. He’s a good student but not great. He isn’t the most motivated student but is going to be taking a heavy load this fall that includes 5 AP classes, so I know there’s going to be a lot of arm twisting to get him to do these scholarship applications as well as his college applications.

I’m curious if he even has a chance at getting any money from The Hispanic Scholarship Fund. He has approx a W3.80 GPA, 1200 SAT, no Varsity sports—just JV, no leadership activities—just participation, and some community service. We don’t qualify for financial aid.

Anyone have a child with similar stats get the scholarship or know of someone who did? Any amount. The only student I know who got it is my nephew and he was a great student and wound up at a top 20 university, so I’m not too optimistic.

I’d appreciated any feedback at all. Thanks!

Has he applied for the National Hispanic Recognition Program?

He doesn’t qualify, unfortunately. Missed the psat score by a mere 10 points. And didn’t take his first AP classes until junior year. But he made a big jump in SAT score this fall so we’re feeling pretty good about that. Has a 1380 and ended up getting 4’s on his APs from junior year and is taking 4 AP classes senior year and so far has straight As. We’ll hope for the best.

Darn. I know he needed two AP classes, or 3.5 gpa or higher, or top 10% on psat. Does he meet any of those?

Try these sites too

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Hi, do you have any updates? Your son did so well in school. I hope my daughter has as much success. She is just starting 9th grade year next week.