Is history an interest colleges would be into?

Well I have an interest in history, my father says its good to have an interest but not something to take all the way. What he means by all the way would be like do competions on it and like join comeptitive camps and etc. I mean its an interest of mine, but I also want to find something colleges could be impressed at.

Colleges are impressed by genuine interest and students who find ways to show that interest. If history is your thing, it’s as legitimate a serious interest as computers or biology. There are ways of getting deeply involved if that’s something you want to do. Check out this list:

And this:
If you win that, say hello to Harvard.

You can get involved in Living History events, volunteer at a local historic site, help out at schools in your district for history themed days, or see if any historic reenactment groups are active in your area. And sure, history based summer camps or courses are fine too.

In short, your father isn’t right about this. A college would probably rather see a kid devoted to a subject he is very interested in than a kid who is randomly doing a bunch of clubs.