Is history really a useless major?

<p>I am very passionate about history. I am a high school sophomore and I recently began to think about my major. And of course I looked into history but, I've been looking online and many people say it's useless. What type of jobs can I get with this major? And please don't say teaching I have little patience with immature children.</p>

<p>You could go to law school or… you could just major in history undergrad and get a graduate degree in something a little more practical? Then again, your interests could drastically change in college or in the next two years. I know mine did and still are.</p>

<p>Museums, government, research, archival work, historic preservation, journalism/publishing, management and administration positions…</p>

<p>While it’s not as useful as an engineering or accounting degree, it is not useless in the hands of someone who knows how to wield the knowledge.</p>

<p>On, it says "What can you do with an undergraduate degree in history?
Many, many things</p>

<p>As a liberal arts major, of course, the world is your oyster and you can consider a multitude of careers.</p>

<p>Among the jobs you can consider are: advertising executive, analyst, archivist, broadcaster, campaign worker, consultant, congressional aide, editor, foreign service officer, foundation staffer, information specialist, intelligence agent, journalist, legal assistant, lobbyist, personnel manager, public relations staffer, researcher, teacher . . . the list can be almost endless.</p>

<p>More specifically, though, with your degree in history you can be an educator, researcher, communicator or editor, information manager, advocate, or even a businessperson."</p>

<p>If that doesn’t peak your interest- maybe archeology? That is discovering history… so maybe?</p>