Is Honors U.S History or Honors English harder for freshmen?

I want to take either Honors U.S History or Honors English for my freshman year. does anyone, who has taken these classes know which is harder or which is easier and what was your experience like.

How hard they are at your school is not something that others can say unless they have taken them at the same school.

US History has a lot of facts to remember whereas English has a lot of reading in order to get the information you need to do well. At my school, I took all honors classes my freshman year because they’re basically the same thing. One class just has a little more work than the other. Honors classes generally are not that hard in my experience but as has already been pointed out, every school is different.

My freshman year schedule was Honors Bio, Honors Algebra 2, Honors World History, Honors English, PE, and Honors French. I didn’t feel overwhelmed at any time.

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@HL2020 Thank you for sharing your experience. I am going to try Honors US History and Honors English.

@ucbalumnus true I am going to go to La Follette high school

My seniors had almost that same schedule freshman year except Spanish 3 plus physics, all was fine except for a B in English (DD’s only B, my kids are not readers/writers).

In my opinion, there is no point in taking regular classes. They are almost the exact same thing and honors classes look better on College Apps.

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@HL2020 thank you for sharing your opinion.

honestly I would follow your current teachers recommendations - they know you and what is needed for high school classes more than strangers on the internet

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@momtogirls2. Yes I agree, and thank you for your feedback.