Is ILR considered preprofessional?

<p>I am just curious as to whehter or not it was considered preprofessional. I am not attaching any connotation to this matter.</p>

<p>i think all non-liberal arts programs would be considered pre-professional to some degree...</p>

<p>that being can get a great social science education at ILR since it's a mix of economics, history and psychology :)</p>

<p>I think it's considered more pre-professional than it actually is. Even the pre-law and pre-MBA kids end up getting a great, well-rounded education in the social sciences when they graduate, whether they planned for it or not. ILR also tends to advertise itself as a pre-professional program, but it's so much more than that.</p>

<p>yeah...i'd say the way you end up using your electives is what might make your ILR degree pre-professional or not...</p>