Is ILR tuition 30k like the other colleges?

<p>Or is it state tuiton?</p>


<p>Thanks for the help ^^,</p>

<p>state tuition like CALS and human ec</p>

<p>Luckkkkkyyyyyyy lol</p>

<p>i wish it was SUNY tuition though ... $5,000 or so a year would be sweet!</p>

<p>By state, I meant SUNY.. LOL</p>

<p>how much is tuition?</p>


<p><em>bangs head against wall</em></p>

<p>ILR tuition for NYS residents is around $18,000. Same holds true for Human Ec and Cals for NYS kids. </p>

<p>Don't bang your head Spanks- I am sure he really meant to say what is tuition for NYS residents!!!</p>

<p>Oh thanks</p>

<p>Spanks spare me? :-p</p>