Is Iowa State boring? prefer current students

<p>I toured it on a Friday night and around 6pm there was nobody outside. Do they go out later? Are there parties in the dorms? How is the Greek life? </p>

<p>I know it is a technological school, I would be studying engineering. Do all the engineers stay inside or do they go to parties?</p>


<p>Just FYI, at most colleges & universities, early December is time for finals. Most students who care about school at all are busy studying during that time and the reading days that precede finals.</p>

<p>I assure you that Iowa State is not boring. The other poster was correct. Sound like you were there during finals week. I am proud to say that I am an Iowa State Alumni. Iowa State was the best experience of my life. They do have a strong Greek presence. You should check their website for the number of sororities and fraternities. Also check out the website for their annual VEISHEA festival. Your question about engineers staying in or partying is silly. Everyone is different. I partied with plenty of engineers when I was in college. It sounds like you need to do further exploration. Iowa State is not only technological. It is true that they have a strong engineering program, but they also have a strong business program. Many majors to choose from: Education, Vet Med, Architecture, graphic design, fashion design, etc…</p>