Is it a bad idea to solely major in Accounting?

<p>I am interest in Business, but especially in accounting, finance, and economy. So is it better I switch to major in Business Administration/Management than staying solely for accounting? I don't hear people majoring in accounting that much. Which major will give me more opportunity in term of internship and jobs?</p>

<p>accounting is a pretty popular major, at least i know it's like the most in demand in the UK! but it is definitely more specialised, if you want to be something closer to an accountant and you know it, then go for it, otherwise just do the more general subject. but you probably won't end up to be an accountant</p>

<p>All you need is accounting, trust me. </p>

<p>The USC accounting grads are making BANK when they graduate. All hired by giant companies.</p>

<p>wow, trojangirlie05, u sound very confident saying accounting is all one needs. are accountants really that demanding in american work force? i know several relatives who studied accounting and worked for like only $20-10/hr, some even still looking for jobs. But I know they only graduated from some never heard of state college and never get a certified license. I expect to be better paid when I graduate from USC but really don't know how much better.</p>

<p>I have known several accounting majors....not even the crazy study 10 hours a day people either, just regular students.</p>

<p>Upon graduation, they had 3, 4, 5 job offers pouring in from deloitte and toushe, merrill lynch, charles schwab, lots of banks, etc.</p>

<p>Two of my friends still work at deloitte...their starting salary was high 50' in my opinion, accounting is all you need.</p>