Is it a good idea to double major in both chemistry and biochemistry?

<p>So I'm an incoming freshman who will be majoring in chemistry. I was wondering if it is a good idea to also major in biochemistry later on considering that I've heard of many people who works in jobs using chemistry also does work that requires some biochemistry. Is the workload similar enough for both courses that it won't take longer than 4 undergraduate years to complete a double major? Or would it be better to major in chemistry and minor in biochemistry? Or is it even necessary to have a biochem major/minor in addition to a chemistry major?</p>

<p>Its all the same department at my school so it's not really possible to do that.</p>

<p>Huh? It's almost always the same department. It'd be a silly double major because most biochem majors take gen chem, o-chem, and either p-chem or analytical chem...So what does the chem major add--one course in analytical chem?</p>

<p>You're wasting your college's toner cartridges by making them add a line on your degree. That's harming the environment, friend--declare an environmental science major instead and learn more about the destruction you cause.</p>

<p>It's probably better to double in regular biology and chem- you'll cover the topics of biochemistry any way and get some more knowledge out of it. Also I love justtotalk's post XD</p>

<p>So in essence, a chemistry major would suffice because it covers the topics of the topics of biochemistry in more depth. what about the molecular biology aspects of it (my college combines and lists biochemistry with molecular biology as one degree)? Is that really worth it to double major chemistry with biochemistry? I'm somewhat skeptical as to whether it is a worthwhile option.</p>

<p>Why don't you just add a minor in biology and take a course or two in biochemistry? Isn't at least one biochem course required for your chem major to be ACS certified?</p>

<p>a better idea is to wait until you get some college time under your belt and then think about it. right now you're just a freshman who barely knows anything about college. no need to rush, you have an entire year to declare whatever you want</p>