Is it a problem if you don't know exactly what you want to do?

I know before I expressed my deep passion for gospel music and wanting to be a worship leader, but I’m also interested in Rnb/soul, jazz, pop, and classical. With the 2 schools I’m deciding between, I’ll be able (basically required lol) to study all of those, but are my interests too broad? I’ve always wanted to sing RnB and gospel music but I would love to perform in operas and have that experience as well. I recently started singing classical pieces in my voice lessons. I always considered classical music as an option before but I love it just as much as the other styles that I loved before!

I think I just don’t want to look confused on unfocused. Most people sing either one or the other. Is it even possible to become great at both (contemporary and classical) considering the singing styles are so different?

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Didn’t you have to choose a school already?

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I am not sure what you are asking.

When students are graduating high school and thinking about where to attend university, they might be trying to decide whether to be a voice/music major or to be a math major.

I do not think that you need to decide what type of music you want to sing at this point. Having some diversity in singing skills would be valuable. Being very good at sight singing would also be valuable – if someone hands you a sheet of music being able to just sing it first time correctly from the sheet of music is a valuable skill in some professional situations.

You can decide what you want to sing later.

However, if you are going to be a voice major, I would not take on any debt at all for your bachelor’s degree.


The best artists are artists first, and their own particular form second.

Anything that develops your talent, your technical skills, your ability to understand the historic and cultural context that produced certain types of music, and your core musical foundation is going to help you.


Yes… and no. it’s weird. I committed to a school so I have a spot in the fall, but my top choice extended their decision deadline to June 1 since they don’t have many students’ (including me) fin aid award. So I’m still waiting on them before I know 100%.


Okay thanks. I didn’t know if I was supposed to know my exact plan now or if I still have some time to figure it all out.

You get accepted on vocal talent…not because you know what you will be doing 10 years from now. Talent takes time to develop…and it moves in mysterious ways. Teachers know this. Wanting to explore is a wonderful thing for a young vocalist.

Note that some people may play the “you have to know what you want NOW, work on it 24/7 or you’ll never make it!!!” card. But that’s their anxiety talking…not the truth. Note this attitude can be strong amongst anxious Freshmen…so be aware.

To figure things out, you should enjoy the summer and then put yourself in your teacher’s hands at college. This is THEIR job. All teachers work with their students on direction as the voice grows and changes. My D entered school not knowing exactly what she wanted…and after 4 years…she was still unsure. Her teacher was supportive of her taking time (the voice develops slowly). She just worked with her on developing her unique sound and skills. You will be in good company at your school (even if some kids hid it).

So no worries. You’re fine. And, please, please explore! You only have 4 years of UG and that’s what you should be doing.


I think that having broad and diverse interests in music as a student entering undergrad can be really healthy and you have adventures ahead. If you were entering a freestanding conservatory, you might run into more pressure to “silo.” and narrow your pursuits. Take advantage of the opportunities to explore and develop and be patient with the process. In fact, even some of those who have done grad school are still performing in more than one genre or discipline. Enjoy!


Thank you so much because this definitely calmed me down and answered my question(s).