Is It A Trick?

<p>I am wondering if i can get into WashU, they have been sending me stuff off the hook. I have already been accepted to Indiana and Texas. I would be thankful for opinions. Here is how i fit the bill:</p>

<p>GPA-3.72 unweighted (straight A's freshman year, then went to nationally ranked high school sophmore year (gpa dropped down), moved to a different school, in which i am now considered key leader and scholar, gpa improved back)
3 AP Euro
3 AP US History
3 AP English
Planning to take: AP Gov., AP Lit., AP Calculus
700 SAT II History</p>

<p>15 college credit classes: History(6), English(3), Writing Analysis(3), Political Science(3)</p>

SAT-1800 (670 Math, 550 Reading, 580 Writing)</p>

<p>Native Language: Bulgarian (fluent)
Second Language: Macedonian (read and write)
Third Language: English (fluent)
Currently studying Spanish</p>

<p>EXC's in school-
Varsity Soccer (15 hrs. a week)
Varsity Football (10-15 hrs. a week)
2 Years on Fellowship of Christian Athletes (1 hr.)
Joining National Honor Society in winter this year</p>

<p>EXC's out of school-
Cycling(15 hrs. a week)
Grassroots leader (1-3 hrs. a week)</p>

<p>your ECs are good, and the languages are probably a hook, but those test scores need to go up. WashU sends info packets to a ton of people in an effort to get its name heard. That said, you should definitely apply. Just retake one of those tests and nudge the GPA up a bit. You sound like a pretty fascinating character.</p>

<p>Big reach for you...still have a chance, but get those test scores up</p>

<p>Unless you improve your scores, don't bother to apply - save yourself 60 bucks - you will not get in.</p>

<p>I would say that very few people who get letter and brochures from top colleges can get in. Yeah, definetly test again. I would suspect that they would understand about transfering and the drop in grades.</p>