Is it acceptable to call the college for honors program?

<p>I applied to dec1 deadline college and the decision comes out around jan 15
Im thinking about retaking sat bc im interested in its program
I just need to raise my reading score since my math and writings are in 700s
Is it acceptable to call them after im accepted to college ( or anytime before
The decision comes out) and ask them if they are willing to see my
Jan sat score if i send it to them for possible acceptance to its
Honors program?</p>

<p>Thankyou very much for reading this question :)</p>

<p>It should, unless the college has some strict policy saying "no you can't".
Good luck!</p>

Thanks for the reply :)</p>

<p>Bump anyone else think its a good idea</p>

<p>Yes! And this would give you a reason to connect with the Honors Program Director.</p>