Is it AT ALL possible that I could get in to UC?

<p>Here are my stats...i know that they're not close to 95% of those accepted but if i apply Early Decision and get an interview then is there any chance i would be accepted? </p>

<p>African American/Female </p>

<p>GPA: UW 3.8 / W 4.3</p>

<p>SAT: ~2000 </p>

<p>2 Honors classes Freshman year
1 Honors/2 ap Sophomore year
2 ap Junior year
Probably 5 ap classes senior year </p>

Model UN Club President
National Honor Society
Class Council Rep Sophomore year
Youth in Government
JV Tennis for 2 years
V Tennis for 2 years
Junior Statesman of America for 2 years </p>

<p>+80 Volunteer hours</p>

<p>Before reading, remember that the odds are long for anyone when acceptance rates are below 10%. Chicago doesn’t do ED, and interviews rarely matter; you need to focus on the substantive parts of your application, to wit:</p>

<p>– Grades and course rigor look solid. Finish junior year and the first semester of senior with strong grades and you’re in the zone.
– ECs are also good. I don’t know how competitive your school’s Model UN club is but winning an award or two (team or individual) would go a long way here. Is there a good reason you’re no longer a class council rep?
– Your SAT score is your main problem right now. Discounting Writing, Chicago says that their middle 50% is 1450-1550, which translates to roughly 2175-2325 with writing back in. Without knowing your breakdown it seems you’d be well into the bottom quartile and maybe the bottom decile. You get some leeway here as an URM but you want to shoot for 750s in CR and Math if you can.</p>

<p>Two more things than can do that would help immensely:</p>

<p>–Write strong essays.
–Get recruited as an athlete (UChicago has women’s tennis).</p>

<p>I think you have a shot if you put it all together, but it’d be a high reach if you applied today. Best of luck.</p>

<p>i’m no longer a class council rep because i moved to a different state.
But my math sat score is REALLY low. i could probably get it up to 670 if i REALLY studied
but getting an 800 on CR won’t be that difficult at all. would that put me in the running for acceptance?</p>

<p>No matter what people on this forum say, just realize that test scores are secondary to your essays, recommendations and transcript. Just have scores that would allow adcoms to consider you seriously. 650 on each section would be good, but having a 700 on each will ensure that you won’t be denied anywhere because of your test scores (maybe except princeton and vandy).</p>



<p>On her first SAT try in winter of jr. year, my D got a 2080 overall (630m, 730r, 720w). She really wanted to attend U of C but that score, especially the math, would not have cut it. She took an online prep course and a lot of practice tests and re-took fall of sr. year and scored a 2170 (680m, 800r, 690w). Superscored that was 2200. And she bumped her M+CR 120 points, from 1360 to 1480. She was accepted EA for the class of 2018 and will likely be attending. It can be done, and you can do it. Good luck!</p>

<p>Also, pleas try ACT.
My dd just did not do well on SAT 1900’ish, but her ACT is 34 so she was admitted.</p>