Is it bad to only have one subject test???

<p>I've only taken 1 subject test (US History 750). I plan on applying to schools that don't require any SAT II tests; must I take two, or is it okay to send in one? It seems that the trend is that everyone takes two, but I don't know if it's a necessity. Thanks for the help!</p>

<p>It depends on the colleges that you are applying to. Most US colleges don’t require nor recommend them. However, the colleges that DO recommend them often want two. Check out the websites of the colleges, or go on</p>

<p>If a college doesn’t require sat 2 then the matter you take does not matter. One is better then none. Don’t stress about having two though because some schools who don’t require them won’t even look at them if you send them to them.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! I’m most concerned about the UC’s.</p>