Is it bad to sound straightforward?

<p>In one of my supplemental essays for "Why this college?", it gives me 100 words to explain why I want to attend that college. Is it bad to sound straightforward and just say something like "I love ___ for their ____ program and their location blah blah" or should I try to make it really creative and heartfelt and fun-to-read? Keep in mind, 100 words. What should I do?</p>

<p>That's about 8 sentences. Or approximately twenty lines of iambic pentameter. haha there's one creative thing u could do. You could also take a couple verses of a song everybody knows and fit them with words pertaining to said school. etc. </p>

<p>I'm on the phone with Princeton so obsessed
We're talking bout my acceptance, ye-ah
My endeavor, starts n-ow on this cue. </p>

<p>Cause Princeton scientists, learning gasses inert
Students with pens studying hard for that midterm
Dreaming bout the day, when they wake up and find
that they're sitting on a bank account of one billion dimes. </p>

<p>DONT Pick that song though. Too big a risk they don't know it. Something like a beatles song is far safer.</p>