Is it bad to take AP Calculus BC before IB Math AA HL?

I was just wondering. Originally, I was supposed to take Dual Enrollment Pre-calculus before IB Math AA HL, but in order to prepare myself better, I wanted to take honors pre-calculus over the summer and then AP Calculus BC and then IB Math AA HL for two years. Is this bad? Would it look bad on my high school transcript in terms of college admissions (I was wondering if the admissions officers would say she needed to take 3 years of calculus? why?)?

Yes, it would look odd (in an unfavorable way) to repeat calculus in this way.

Yes. You are wasting a class period to study what eill be covered in IB

Was it a really bad mistake? Also is there any way to fix it now that I am taking the AP Calculus BC? Should I take multivariable calculus in addition to IB Math AA HL in the future?

However, would it serve to prepare me for IB Math AA HL, and possibly multivariable calculus?

If you are not in the IB diploma programme, and you do well in AP calculus BC and the AP exam, just skip the IB math and continue on to multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and/or differential equations if you like or intend to go into a math-heavy major in college.

If you are in the IB diploma programme, then you need to take an IB math course, so there is no way around taking it and showing an effective repeat on your high school record.

I guess the only compromise I can think of is doing IB Certificate. Instead of IB Math AA HL, I could take multivariable calculus, linear algebra, or diff eq. For other subjects, I could take IB English Lit A HL, History HL, Chem HL, French B SL, AP Bio, and possibly AP Econ/Physics/Euro.

Is this good @ucbalumnus?