Is it better to apply early or later?

<p>I have already applied to Auburn, at my mom's request. She told me that I have a better chance of getting good housing the earlier I submit my applications. I have also been told that submitting applications early is good because it shows the school that you are actively trying to get accepted, rather than submitting an application the day before the deadline.
However, I just found out that National Merit Semifinalists are notified of their semifinalist status in early September, well before most colleges' deadlines. Also, on the common app, it asks me to list my current year classes, which I will not receive for another few days. Should I wait for the National Merit notifications (I was a good 10-15 points above my state's cutoff, but I don't remember exactly), or should I apply as soon as possible?
To clarify, I am applying to UAH, Auburn, Georgia Tech, and MIT. UAH and Auburn do not require (nor did I see anywhere on the applications to attach) letters of recommendation, but GA Tech and MIT do. So, I can go ahead and apply to UAH if applying early is best, but I can wait to do all three if waiting is better. Also, if I do qualify for being a National Merit Semifinalist, is there a way to let Auburn know?</p>

<p>It depends on financial and admission stats.</p>

<p>It looks as if that advice might be pretty good where Auburn is concerned.</p>

<p>Housing priority is usually based on the date when you send in your enrollment deposit, not on the date when you apply. But because Auburn admits Early Action applicants week by week beginning in October, and Regular Decision applicants in three batches a month apart, depending on when their applications are complete, getting an answer early does make it possible that you could submit your deposit early, and be in a good position with respect to housing priority.</p>

<p>As for National Merit, your SAT or ACT scores will matter more than your National Merit status. But if you’re named a National Merit semifinalist, you can send an email update to Auburn notifying them of this fact.</p>

<p>I would wait till you have your results. There is no advantage to submitting 2-4 months before applications are due, especially if relevant information for your app file is unavailable. </p>

<p>It is good to be early, but not necessary to be THIS early.</p>

<p>Good point. There’s no advantage in applying before October 1, and if you’re not applying Early Action, no advantage in applying before November 1. At Auburn, I mean.</p>

<p>Esssse, you can look at the other universities’ admissions web pages to get a sense of their timetables. In general, except at colleges and universities that practice rolling admissions, meeting the deadline counts as meeting the deadline, and getting in way ahead of the deadline…also counts as meeting the deadline.</p>

<p>Housing priority is never the result of when you applied. It is when you submit deposit, as Sikorsky said. </p>

<p>Also be careful about submitting Common App too early - they are only offering three revisions this year.</p>