Is it easier to get into the dorm you requested...

<p>if you're an honor student and you request the scholar's floor since honors students get preference for the scholar floor? like i have santa cruz as my first choice, so would i be more likely to get into santa cruz if requested to be in the santa cruz scholar's floor?</p>

<p>also, what is the scholar's floor like? are most people like SUPER intense about school? thanks</p>

<p>Scholar's floors are usually mostly the same as other floors, but there will be a higher degree of quite people. Doesn't matter much, you can walk down and make friends in other halls if you want especially in Santa Cruz.</p>

<p>I live on the scholar's floor....</p>

<p>it's pretty much just like any other floor. The general intelligence of the floor is higher, but you get every type of person on it.</p>