is it easier to transfer after your freshman year than sophomore year?

<p>im a freshman at a liberal arts college in new england, planning to transfer.</p>

<p>i was going to submit my applications next year because i honestly didnt do a thing (as in extracurricular) last semester and i wanted to go abroad on a program that my current school offers next spring. but i was talking to a friend of mine who's also considering transfer, and he told me schools usually don't accept many junior transfers. is that true?</p>

<p>i'm considering some ivies and georgetown. i mean, it's already kinda late to apply this year now sooooo it probably doesn't matter for me... but i still wanted to know. :P</p>

<p>For most universities, more junior transfers are accepted than anything else, because they likely won’t significantly burden the lower-division, general ed courses that are the usual enrollment limiting factor.</p>

<p>Given the extremely low number of transfer students admitted at most Ivies, I’m not sure if there’s a generalization to be made about their transfer population’s class year.</p>