Is it easy getting a single dorm room as Sophomore?

<p>There are currently 5 dorms with singles, but I'm worried that since the choosing of dorms is done by lottery if I'm one of the last batch of people drawn to choose rooms I won't be able to sign up for a single.</p>

<p>My questions are: Even if I'm not one of the early group chosen to sign up for rooms, will there still be enough singles left for me to get one? Are singles a popular choice among sophomores?</p>

<p>The type of single doesn't matter. It could be a single-double, single-single, or solo single. As long as I have a bedroom by myself.</p>

<p>Elric415 your chance of getting a single as a sophomore will depend on your lottery number. My son got a single because he had a great sign-up time for the lottery. His friend who also wanted a single, is sharing a room. The singles go fast.<br>
As far as I know, the only way to guarantee a single as a sophomore is to become an RA.</p>

<p>You can live off campus your junior year, so you will have more options then.
Good luck!</p>

<p>My son had a terrible lottery number as did the friends he was trying to live with. When they tried to find a place to live, there was little to nothing left. He spoke with the people in housing and they placed him in a single in Monroe, which I thought wasn’t a bad option, but he didn’t want to live in a freshman dorm. Ultimately, they placed he and one of his friends in Aron apartments in a suite of four singles. There were two “random” people sharing the suite with them, but he did get a single in a place that was acceptable to him. The bottom line here is do the best you can in the lottery and then if you are not happy, petition the housing people for something that is acceptable. Give them a list in order of preference of those dorms you would be satisfied with and in our experience it worked out. I am sure it won’t in every single case, but they do their best to help.</p>