Is it easy to make friends at Furman?

<p>Are the people there stuck up? Or do they party all the time? I'm shy and I'm a Christian so I'm worried about making good friends. I'm afraid it will be really awkward.</p>

<p>It's very easy, haha. Orientation week and the way halls are set up for freshmen create a friendly environment. Many students at Furman (I would guess the majority) are Christian, so you shouldn't have any issues there if you are worried about that.</p>

<p>folks at FU are easy to make friends with. during freshman orientation u will make friends with many folks unless u dont want to. Most of the folks at FU are Christian but its not a Christian themed school such as Liberty, Bob Jones, U North Greenville, Anderson College. Religion is part of the culture as much as you want it to be. If you want to go to a school where all the kids carry Bibles and religion is the main topic to discuss FU is not your school. You will find some groups like that but its more of a diverse campus</p>

<p>My DD was worried about the same thing as you when selecting a college. She is shy and a little introverted and was worried about making new friends, especially since she is not from the South. She chose Furman, in part, because she felt that fitting in and making friends would be easier there compared to her other options. She is now a Sophomore at Furman and has never been happier. Furman does a great job with their "O-Week" for incoming Freshman. The students are very friendly and you will find your niche pretty quickly. Greek Life is popular and a great way to make new friends. </p>

<p>There are plenty of Christian groups and activities that you will have an opportunity to get involved with. As far as whether the kids are stuck up or party all the time, I would not make that generalization. There are stuck up kids everywhere and some kids will attend parties, but it seems more like the exception than the rule at Furman. Good luck to you!</p>