Is it even possible for a fellow student..

<p>Is it even possible for a rival to call admissions and tell them bad things about you?</p>

<p>It would suck if someone gets rejected because of that.</p>

<p>You'd have to have persuasive, hard facts as evidence in order for this to be effective.
Simple gossip and rumors will be dismissed, and if this person who is sabotaging someone else applies to the same college, their chances will get hurt because college admissions officers do not like tattle-talers; it is immature and demonstrates no ethic.</p>

<p>They can try...but it's likely to boomerang. </p>

<p>The admissions office is wise to students who think that sabotaging a perceived rival's application will advance their own....if they get unsolicited and anonymous derogatory information about one of their applicants, the first thing they do is call the high school<br>
begin a thorough investigation, both of the accused applicant and if necessary, any other applicants from the same school. If the allegations are untrue or exaggerated they quickly suspect other students at the school are attempting to sandbag a rival.</p>

<p>They may decide not to accept the accused student for whatever reason, whether related to the accusations or not. They may also decide not to admit other students from that school....especially if the allegations show to be unfounded.</p>

<p>So unless a student has deroggatory info on another student that is factually supported (for example, the student you wish to inform on has had charges against him published with him named, as if he had been publicly named in a cheating scandal or publicly named for armed robbery, a student risks his own chance of admission by playing this game.</p>

<p>Because the admissions committee will obviously realize that one student tried to sandbag the other...and that will not make the sandbagger look good in their eyes.</p>