Is it even possible that I can still live on-campus?

<p>I'm a transfer student.
I applied for Fall 2010/Spring 2011 early March and I still haven't been offered a contract.</p>

<p>Should I continue waiting? or should I just go with off campus housing?</p>


<p>I applied for housing early January, but I still have yet to be accepted. They need my Spring '10 transcript to make the decision -_-.</p>

<p>You should explore other options while waiting, though. Off-campus dorms such as the Castilian, Dobie, or The Towers are some. Maybe try looking for an apartment too.</p>

<p>how much do the towers cost? i couldn't find any rates at their website</p>

<p>Probably just as much as the Castilian or Dobie. You should probably call and ask...
The Towers is known as the party dorm.</p>

<p>I've already applied to Dobie, but that's about it. I'm just hoping to get on-campus housing just because it's more convenient. </p>

<p>I visited Dobie today and it doesn't seem that bad, although they only had 1 room for show which was kind of disappointing.</p>

<p>For Towers a 2 bedroom 1 bath with the 14 meal plan is just under $10,000. Like $9,900 or so</p>

<p>4bedroom apartment = 350 a month bills included... that is like 1/3 the price. just an option of course.</p>

<p>which one is that?</p>

<p>Transfers, do not forget that the coops exist.
Austin</a> Cooperatives - Coops in Austin, TX</p>

<p>yeah some of the co-ops are nice. i'd live there if my mom didn't insist that i live on campus for my first year @ ut. :S</p>

<p>Housing is not offered to students until they are admitted to UT. After you have been admitted you may call our office 512-471-3136 to find out your housing contract status.</p>

<p>Well I'm still on the waiting list...</p>

<p>Dobie keeps calling every now and then to tell me that they are filling up for Fall.</p>

<p>Should I keep waiting or should I just go for Dobie?</p>