Is It Even Worth Applying To Stanford Rd - Chances?

<p>Middle Class Asian
Competitive High School
School does not rank; estimated ranking is at least 10%
UW GPA ~3.7-3.8
UC GPA ~4.1
W GPA ~4.3</p>

<p>9th grade
Algebra 2 (H) B+/A-
Spanish 1 A-/A-
English/English (H) A/A-
Modern World History A/A
Biology A/A
Basketball A/A
10th grade
Computer Programming C++/Development Western Civilization A/A-
Pre-Calc (H)/Calc A(H) B+/B
Spanish 2 A/A
English (H) A-/A-
AP Physics B A-/A-
Cross Country A/A
11th grade
Spanish 3 A-/A-
AP English A-/B
AP Calculus BC B+/A-
AP Chemistry A-/A-
AP U.S. History B/B
Track A/A
12th grade
AP Computer Science
AP U.S. Government
Myth to Science Fiction
ASB Athletics Commissioner
AP Statistics

<p>Summer between 11th and 12th Grade
Digital Photography A/A</p>

<p>SAT Reasoning Math 780 Writing 730 Critical Reading 740 Total: 2250
SAT Subjects
Math IIC 800, Biology 760, Physics 740, Chemistry 740, U.S. History 600</p>

<p>AP Tests
5: (Self study)Psychology, (Self study)Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Calculus BC, Calculus AB sub score,
4: English Language, U.S. History</p>

<p>Work Experience
-Anchor Blue – Clothing Retail Store Summer of 2006
Summer 10th – 11th 6/06-9/06, $6.75/hr, 15hrs/week
Top Jeans Salesman Award</p>

<p>School Extracurricular Activities
-ASB athletics commissioner 6/07-6/08 end of 11th and 12th , 10hrs/wk 40wks
Publicity Committee
SMW Senior Men and Women + volunteer 6/07-6/08 end of 11th and 12th 8hrs/wk 40wks
White Christmas Publicity
Prom Committee 9/06-6/07 11th 2hrs/wk 30wks
SCOC (Student Council Orientation Commission) 10th and 11th 2hrs/wk 30 wks
Big Brother Big Sister – Group Leader Summer-12th 2hr/wk 20wk/yr
Tri-Sport Athlete Basketball, Cross Country, and Track Varsity 9th-11th
Varsity Track Team Captain
House of Representative Member 10th , 3hrs/wk 20wk/yr
President of Lunch Intramurals</p>

<p>Out of School Extracurricular Activities
-Cal State Pathogen Research Internship 10th-11th Summer 6/07-9/07
6hrs/wk 12wks</p>

<p>Community Service
Country Villa Hospital (volunteer) 10th-12th 2hrs/wk 15wk/yr 3yrs
Arcadia Public Library (volunteer) summer 9th- 11th 8hrs/wk 12 wks
Arcadia Invitational (volunteer) 9th -12th 20hrs/wk 2wks/yr</p>

Student of the Month ROP AP Computer Science
NHS National Honor Society
CSF California Scholarship Federation
Scholar Athlete 4 years straight
Civitan Track and Field 3rd on three competitions
Track and Field 3rd School’s highest scoring sophomore triple jumper
Key club Annual Basketball tournament 3rd place
Music Camp Basketball Championship
Anchor Blue Top Salesman
AP Scholar
AP Scholar with Honor
AP Scholar with Distinction
AP National Scholar end of senior</p>


<p>anyone please?! thanks</p>

<p>I'd give you 50% +. Still a toss up though.</p>

<p> got chances kid!</p>

<p>Hit that application running, you've a decent chance of hitting the Stanford finish line.</p>