Is it even worth applying?

<p>Hello all,
GPA: 3.45</p>

<pre><code>SAT:1750 R:590 W:530 M:630

SAT II Math II: 640
SAT II US History: 650

ACT Composite: 26
ACT Math: 28
ACT Reading: 26
ACT English: 24

Eagle Scout
President of Ping Pong Club
Co President of German Club
Officer of club for people with special needs
Active Model UN Participant
National Honor Society (my grades used to be alot better)
Piano (Including an award won for best piano player in my class)</p>

Excellent recommendation letter
Solid College essays</p>

<p>Is Boston University worth applying to? What do you think my chances are??</p>

<p>Hey we have really similar stats if you look at my post...I think it is my friend got in with 1760 but that was ED..our 26 act falls in the average end of regular admissions accepted applicants too and ur good ECs and essays like I have will help. U should definitely apply </p>

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<p>One factor might be whether you've taken the most challenging courses, because BU says they look at that. Grades going down instead of up won't look too good. I doubt scores would rule you out. If you're thinking about BU you'd better get on it, because the supplement has essays. Nothing to lose but the application fee if you think you'd like to go to BU, assuming you can stand the thought of possible rejection.</p>