Is it going good?

<p>Is my grades so far going good for Ivy leagues or similar? If not then what am i lacking? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I am in a large public school, Ranking is about 3-4 in the city. It sends, from what i have heard 8 people to the ivy leagues each year.
GPA: (total transcript average) 94.08% (9th Grade)
Last semester grades:
Math B trans (advanced class)- 99
Biology: 92
Special topics math (for the gifted): 95
Life time sports: 96
Global history: 100
Spanish 3: 85
English: 96
I also took High School level clases in 8th grade and got over 95 average on those. </p>

<p>EC (so far):
Sigma Delta Pie (mathmatics honor society)
Track team
Soccer team
Over 250 hours of school service
going to do a 3 mile walk to save pre-mature babies and breast cancer (like a fund raiser)
Math team
Math tutoring </p>

Science fair blue ribbon award
Several first place tropies for coming first place in track
several academic certificates </p>

<p>Any suggestiones?
Also i will be taking AP european history and 2 honors clases next year. (10th Grade)</p>

<p>try to raise your gpa and you'll have a shot</p>

<p>"is it going well"... (I appologize if you were not serious, it is sort-of a pet peeve of mine, that and "there is several things")</p>

<p>Looks good so far. Try to think of something unique that you could do. Your ECs are great, but the ivy league sees a lot of amazing people; if you do something to make yourself stand out your chances are much better. Good Luck!!!!</p>

<p>thanks guys,</p>

<p>regarding idamayer respose:
What can i do to make my self stand out from the rest? My interests are along the aerospace and aeronotics engineering line. Is there something i can do that will include my interests but at the same time make me stand out? anything at all...</p>

<p>haha, if ida hadnt pointed out the grammar error, i would have.</p>

<p>As far as chances: 1.) bring grades up slightly
2.) ECs: don't overdo it, but make sure you focus on your interests (prospective major, etc.). A couple of dedicated, related ECs make for one awesome essay.</p>

<p>I am wondering that myself, to some extent. You are lucky that you are starting early, I only started looking at colleges this year, and I feel like its too late for me to do something cool without just looking like I'm doing it for college. Oh well.</p>

<p>Basically, the idea is that you have to come up with something new. I would see about joining the robotics team, getting some internship somewhere. Start a club at your school. Do something you get recognized for nationally. for science-y people, I always hear that a 'hook' is having a patent. tutoring kids in math is a good community service thing, so keep that up. Basically anything that can make you special, go for it.</p>