Is it going to be challenging if I take Chem 105BL and PHYS 151L together?

<p>Is it going to be hard to do well (B+ or A- at least) if I take these two classes together?</p>

<p>Ahh, how cute, regular level physics :D I took honors PHYS-161 and nearly died several times over the course of the class. You'll be fine with those two as long as you don't slack off and actually do the work.</p>

<p>I took CHEM 105B and PHYS 161 together. I also nearly died in PHYS 161.... CHEM was so much easier for me!! My main problem was just PHYS 161 since it was honors and I just really didn't understand physics, and it was NOT because I was taking chem with it as well. Chem might have been easy for me because my high school AP Chemistry class used the exact same book, but it really is not bad. I'm assuming you're an engineering or a physics major, so it is going to be inevitable to take at least 2 science classes at once. (I'm dropping back down to normal physics next semester, PHYS 152, and also taking General Bio BISC 120 and also EE 150. Plus a GE. 3 science classes and labs.. my life rocks.)</p>