Is it going to be harder for me?

Ok so the new year is starting and I’m going to Millsaps, as a student in high school I had ok
grades, As and Bs, my goal is to get into
medical school and become a doctor. The
thing is I do have good studying habits but in
my grade their were kids that were so much
better, I made a 24 on my act and my
roommate I found out made a 31, I’m so
scared that I’m going to be a big failure over
there. What should I do?

Work hard; do your best. Take advantage of opportunities such as departmental and academic counseling.

Does millsaps have a good pre med program? What i mean by that is counseling, and advising to help you get into med school? Are the sciences good in this school?

Millsaps does a great job preparing students for medical school BUT it’s a hard school and I don’t think A’s will
come easily. My child who attends Millsaps is majoring in biology and is aiming for the allied health field and has loved all the teachers and thought highly of them. They provide office hours and lots of help, as I understand it. My child had a classmate who was dead-set on med school and didn’t get in because his grades were not high enough. He has moved on to another career now…