Is it hard to get in FIDM??

<p>I might apply there...not sure yet...but is it hard to get in?</p>

<p>FIDM is a great school to look into if you REALLY love designing as much as I do. Last year when I started looking into colleges I looked at design colleges all across the country and in the end FIDM really stood out for me. I thought that I would have more of a well rounded education about the fashion industry both design wise and business wise. I have wanted to have my own design business since I was like 9!!! LOL :) My parents were very supportive but with all the hype I heard about the school I had the same concerns you do about it being hard to get into...but I didnt let that stop me from asking around. I did ask one of my sisters' friends who went if it was hard for her and I asked some people online but I honestly got all my answers about the acceptance process from the advisor at the school. FYI if you have some kinda design portfolio with sketches and inspirational magazine cut outs or fabrics...bring that with you to your first acceptance interview. My advisor LOVED to see what I had collected and been doing with my time all these years. :) Also be prepared to explain why you feel FIDM is the right place for you and then you do this simple Entrance Project where I suggest you think as outside of the box as possible because that shows how creative you are. FIDM's majors are very intensive but its only because they want to make sure that when you graduate you have what you need to succeed and maybe start your own business. Definetly be prepared to work hard when you get in. Fashion and entertainment are VERY competitive but what also convinced me to go to FIDM is that they have so MANY graduates all over the design world looking to hire FIDM students and grads. FIDM has a great reputation and I know first hand why it does. I LOVE IT HERE! Dont be nervous about what youve heard or think about it being hard...take a chance and visit the school and talk to someone. The advisors really know how to put you at ease and dont pressure you. Its only as hard as you make it and DO the best you can always no matter what!:)</p>

<p>FIDM isn't like a regular school, so its admissions process is slightly different from the norm. It doesn't put too much emphasis on GPA and other stats, just enough to know that you have the brainpower to handle basic coursework. The selection process focuses on your demonstrated interest and ability in fashion/design/business.</p>

<p>To answer your question, FIDM is not very hard to get in. The school has some unique programs and great resources, but if you're looking for an academic challenge, look elsewhere.</p>

Getting into any college takes work and determination! My friend had to go through the admissions process at FIDM and while it is long, it's that way for a reason. She said she felt like she was being interviewed for a job and I could see why it is that way. She said they wanted to make sure she was serious about attending FIDM and made sure she knew what the industry is like and that you have to work hard. Their requirements for attending their college are a little bit non-traditional but then again FIDM isn't your traditional cookie cutter type of college. My friend said she had to do an entrance project and complete an essay but said it was fun to show the school her talents and what she's really interested in. If you have more questions, I would talk to an advisor and maybe they could walk you through the process. FIDM's website is: FIDM:</a> Launch a creative career, from Fashion Design to Digital Media. Hope this helps :)</p>