Is it hard to transfer from art school to Brigham Young University animation major?

I’m starting my sophomore year in California College of the Arts. These days I’m really not sure if it’s worth it to stay at this school. The tuition is expensive just like most art schools. Living cost in Bay Area is ridiculously expensive. So I am thinking of transferring to BYU because I heard it’s a good school for animation and it’s cheap. I was born in a Mormon family but I don’t go to church so often so I don’t know if I’m considered as Mormon or not.

So the questions I want to ask are:

Is it hard to transfer from art school to BYU animation major?

Is it a 4 year program? Do I need to start my major from the beginning?

BYU requires a recommendation/referral from a church, so whether you are LDS or not will be up to your recommender.

Thank you for your reply. I think I can get a recommendation from my church.

It really, truly, is OK for you to communicate directly with the department at BYU and ask them about their program. They will be able to help you determine whether transferring there or not is a good idea.

Before transferring, make sure you understand all the rules you’ll need to agree to follow, and what level of church participation is required. I’ve heard of people having issues graduating or getting transcripts released after honor code violations including discontinuing church attendance.