Is it hard to transfer to UT Austin's Cockrell college?

I’m a student a UTSA right now and I’m planning on transferring to UT Austin next year. What are the chances of me getting in to the Cockrell college? I have good GPA (3.7), but I don’t have that many extracurricular as I’m an international student. Also, where can I find stats on External transfer for Cockrell? Some people know the GPA cut point of previous years, I wonder they they found that.

It’s cutthroat. At best, it’s a 33% chance, but those are the same chances with pretty much everybody. Good luck!

I’m not sure cutthroat is the correct description for transfer difficulty, but I understand what coolguy40 is saying. Cockrell is intensely competitive–it’s a national top 10 engineering program. Transfers have to be extraordinary to get in and few get in.

3.7 GPA is probably not competitive enough to transfer to UT engineering from external college.
I transferred internally from CNS into engineering with 3.9 GPA.

CertifiedCC: Which Engineering major did you transferred to? I am now at CNS and plan to transfer to Crockell Engineering school as well but my advisor told me it’s extremely competitive for internal transfer student.

ECE. I was a math and computer science major.

CertifedCC: Why did you transfer from computer science major? My daughter put her first choice on that and ECE for her second choice(not hear both of them yet)Although she finished her AP physics C during her high school junior, and scored both 4 on them, she is still wondering what major she should study. She like coding. SAT 1540(math800), SAT Math2 790, physics760. Top 2%. I know how good the UT ECE is, because my son just graduated last May from ECE, and has a great job as a device support engineer in Houston. Is anything wrong with the computer science?

Nothing wrong with CS at UT. It was highly reputable and rigorous.
I transferred to ECE but after 2 semesters I decided to transfer back to CS and graduated with both CS and Math.