is it harder to get into the school of IR than of l and s @ G.W.U??

<p>considering my stats, would it be better if I applied to the school of letters n sciences n just switch later, or do i have a good shot at International relations?</p>

<p>Illinois resident
g.p.a.- 3.75(weighted) 3.49(unweighted)
act- 27
sat- verbal 670 math 580 (1250)
top 19% @ a pretty competitive school
4 years on tennis team
2 years in business club
2 years drug prevention club
work experience</p>

<p>I was wondering what my chances are at D.C. schools such as American and George Washington? Also other schools close by such as Richmond, University of Maryland, and University of Delaware?
If anyone who goes there or who knows accurate stats for these schools could help me to figure out what my chances are? oh, and if anyone knows about uiuc, that'd be great! If there doesn't seem to be much hope, are there any good affordable schools that have a good international relations program that i have a good chance at?

<p>bummmmmmmmmp...someone please respondd!</p>