Is it ill advised to attempt to transfer to USC after 1 year in college?

I am currently a senior in HS. I messed up freshman and sophomore year in hs so I won’t be able to get into USC through regular admission. As A result of this, I was wondering would it be possible for me to transfer to USC after a year at a private or public university. I don’t want to attend a CCC because I feel the risk is too high. I intend to transfer into the Marshall school of Business. I plan to maintain my current grades in college, and am willing to sacrifice my social life for it if necessary. Would I be better of just waiting 2 years and going in as a Junior Transfer, or is my upward trend in hs good enough for an attempt at an Sophomore Transfer?

Here are my Stats
Freshman YR.
SM1: B B B B- B- B
SM2: B B C C C C
Sophomore YR.
SM1: B B B B B- B-
SM2: B B B B B+ B+
Junior YR.
SM1: A- A- A- A- B+ B+
SM2: A A- A- A- A- A-
Senior YR:
SM1: A A A A A- A-
SM2: Likely to be the same as SM1
ACT: 29
Unweighted projection: 3.3
Weighted project: 3.35

AP’s: US History, Gov, Psych

from the website:

USC does not accept first-year or transfer applications for spring admission.

I plan to enter during fall

Come back after you have your first year college grades.
Planning on getting A’s and doing so are not the same. And take the ACT again- your 29 is too low for USC.