Is it just me or...

<p>On the March SAT, for those of you who had a writing section 2, did you guys find the questions kind of weird comparing to the bluebook? I've never seen those error types and had to guess. I thought it might've been the experimental section, since I had 3 MC writing sections and the essay. But according to the official CollegeBoard website, the other writing section(section 6) that I thought I did well on was actually the experimental section!
Is it just me or that particular test was kind of weird?</p>

<p>i had the same (2 & 6 writing). i felt that it was normal, in fact less tricky than normal.</p>

<p>usually the last question of the identifying sentence errors is tricky and makes one think that there is no error at first glance, however on section 2 the last identifying error was simply using an adjective instead of an adverb... iono i thought it was easier.</p>

<p>Really... mmm, then it must be my problem then >_<</p>

<p>hey i thought it was ridiculously hard too, but i blamed barron's for that b/c it's practice writing sections completely messed me up. then again, maybe it wasn't just me either...nice to know i guess. i completely bombed writing anyway.</p>

<p>I felt like there were less stupid tricky questions...and I liked it..raised from my psat 54 to the sat 700.</p>

<p>I actually thought the experimental section made more sense... section 2 was just too weird to me...</p>

<p>i used barrons also. I only got 740 on wr. I thought it was kinda hard.</p>

<p>Only 740...
I got a 620, but I usually score around 740 on practice tests. Dunno what happened...</p>

<p>^ interesting, i usually scored around 550-600 on practice writing. One time i did get 630 on a practice SAT. On PSAT i got 68.</p>

<p>OMG YES!!!!! I'm so glad somebody else agrees with me! I thought I was crazy...I got close to perfect on the writing MC in Oct, but got a 64 on this one.</p>

<p>My section #2 was SO hard I thought it had to be experimental, whereas the #6 (which was experimental) was par for the course</p>

<p>I got a 62 on that one! The Section 2 killed me score. It was lowered by almost 150 points

<p>yess, agreed.
i don't exactly remember the sections at all.
all i remember is that a few of the questions were strange.
out of all my practice tests, i always get 700+ in writing,
but this time i somehow got a 660. odd. i really want to
see the questions & answers.</p>

<p>Do you know if we have any ways of seeing the questions and answers?</p>

<p>^I'd like to know too. They only offer SAS though for this test, so I'm not sure...</p>

<p>my writing went from 76 (-1) on the psat to 710.....</p>

<p>i think barron's just has completely different types of questions, plus they're a lot stricter on grammar i kept thinking something was wrong on the actual SAT writing questions so I probably ended up finding errors where I should have picked E (no error).</p>

<p>boo, now i have to take the sat again in october.</p>