Is it mandatory to send all my SAT subject test scores to schools?

<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>I will be taking the SAT World History subject test on December, but as my first trial. I will be taking it again in June, which I believe will be better. Do I have to send my first score to schools that I'm applying to? </p>

<p>Also, how does this thing with Official score reports thing work? I mean what if we're taking SAT just to try, or we're applying to so many schools, or we're just not planning to send our scores?? Is it okay if I don't tell CollegeBoard to send out my score on the first subject test I'll take? Is it mandatory? Thanks guys!</p>

<p>Colleges have different rules regarding which scores to send. A few insist that you send all scores, with some limited exceptions. Other colleges insist that your send all SAT reasoning scores, OR all ACT scores, and you decide which, possibly both. Other colleges let you decide, and most do regarding the SAT II scores. The College Board offers "score choice" to accommodate the various options.</p>

<p>So you need to do some homework. Take the list of colleges to to which you're likely to apply and check their admissions web site for the applicable rules.</p>

<p>There are various opinions on whether all this matters. Many colleges have a strict "superscore" policy, in that they take your best scores and ignore the rest. But it's possible that at least some colleges are influenced by the number of times you take specific tests, and individual scores. There is no easy answer. Best I think is to avoid taking tests for "practice". Prepare and take each test with the intention of submitting the score.</p>