Is it mandatory to send AP test score?

My daughter will be taking a a couple of AP tests in the next year. It will obviously be on her transcript that she is taking the classes and the application asks if she plans to take the tests. If she isn’t happy with her score does she have to send it later in when she receives it?

No it’s not. You may not even have some of them until after you get a decision. We just went ahead and sent them all after D was admitted to her college (and some of them were not very good LOL). They aren’t going to rescind admission.

Great. Thank you. That’s what I thought, but I started to doubt myself when I saw the video UCF has online with instructions for filling out their application. There is one section that asks if you plan to take any AP tests after the application and when, and the admissions officer said you have to send that score to them once you have it.

I also wonder if they might keep you on the wait list longer if they haven’t received your test score. It almost seems risky to even take the test if you aren’t 100% sure you will do very well.

Oh my apologies! I did not realize I was on the UCF forum. I thought this was a general question. I would call your admissions counselor and confirm this is how it works. Good luck!

The only reason for sending the AP score is to document passing the AP test so you can receive college credit for the AP course. That’s important of course, but the AP score affects nothing else.

Most importantly, AP scores have nothing to do with UCF’s recalculation of a student’s weighted GPA. If they took an AP course and got an A or B, they get the weight whether or not they pass the test.

Great. Thank you! This very helpful.

Actually I misspoke above.

Students get weight for AP or Honors classes taken subject to two requirements:

  • The courses are core courses required for graduation from high school in the State of Florida, and

  • They get at least a B in the course.

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What if my kid does not want to take the AP exam at all ? Is that an issue for admissions ?

There is only one way to get an authoritative answer on that, and that is to CALL Undergraduate Admissions directly, or email them. They are very helpful.

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