Is it NECESSARY to get two recommendations from ACADEMIC sources?

<p>So I've asked two professors and my boss that I interned for last summer for recs. </p>

<p>One professor said he would write one for me, another professor said she had to write possibly 40-60 other recommendation letters so she might not have time (she's in charge of law forum and I wasn't in law forum). My boss from my summer internship offered to write one for me a couple months ago and I've contacted him about it.</p>

<p>So essentially, I have one for sure recommendation from a professor, one very likely from my boss, and one unlikely from another professor.</p>

<p>The current realistic scenario is that I only get one academic recommendation. Should I randomly look for a professor I took previously (that I won't know at all) for a recommendation or am I OK with only one academic recommendation? </p>


<p>It's fine. Recs don't matter much and having one from a prof and another from a boss is pretty typical.</p>

<p>I disagree. If you were working a couple of years between undergrad and law school, then you can/should provide a recommendation from your employer. However, coming straight from undergrad, to law school you really should have 2 academic recommendations.</p>

<p>thanks for the replies. </p>

<p>sybbie719, do you think i should ask any professor i can find that taught a class that i did well in?</p>

<p>i was expecting to have 3 (one being my boss) but one of my teachers not being able to write one threw a wrench in my plans.</p>

<p>Yes!! Please try to schedule a meeting with the professor. You can give them a copy of a paper and or exams you did in their class to help jog their memory. </p>

<p>If your school has some type of credentialing service (talk to the career services office), the professor can have the recommendations sent there. The school will hold them and mail copies out to the LSAC for you. </p>

<p>In addition, make an appointment with your class dean to get a Dean's certification as many of schools will ask for the certification either during the application process or one you are admitted (check the school's website).</p>


<p>i actually contacted one of my teachers i took a couple quarters ago that i did really well in, and he actually was glad to write one for me. </p>

<p>i guess all will turn out well, afterall.</p>