Is it necessary to log volunteer hours on a sheet and turn it into the school?

I have done volunteering and apparently it is too late to turn them into my school. Can I just continue doing them and tell colleges about the hours? They are not logged but I can provide contact information for the organizations I volunteered for.

Some schools have requirements for volunteer hours, some don’t. This is completely school dependent.

Most schools are on the honor system and if you give your estimate of hours, you should be okay.

My children, however, kept their own logs.

Plus, when they signed in at the desks of receptionists, (Food Bank, hospitals, labs) the hours were recorded by the facilities where they volunteered. The managers always knew how long my kids were volunteering because they had a physical record.

The Food Bank kept an “in-kind” record whereby they would add up the hours that volunteers donated, monthly, and multiplied these hours by what a minimum wage worker would cost them. It was eye-opening.

It’s really up to you what you decide to do. You will know how many hours, more or less, that you’ve donated. If you decide to keep your own log, you will see how valuable your time contributed to their needs.

If your HS does not have a logged volunteer service requirement for graduation (some HSs, including my kid’s HS do) then you’re fine.

None of the universities/colleges my kids applied to required any documentation of volunteer hours

The only time our high school required a written log, was when a certain number of hours were needed to either satisfy their NHS criteria, or, if volunteer hours were used to opt-out certain school programs.

For scholarship applications of various local/civic organizations, she sometimes needed to supply a letter on stationery - akeen to a letter of reference.