Is it normal for AP tests to be 80% of each quarter?

My AP Bio class is laid out where tests are 80% of each quarter where the other 20% are homework/labs/and mastering. Not only that, we NEVER get any homework and labs are like 20 points usually and the same are for mastering usually. On the other hand, tests are usually out of 36 points but makeup majority of the quarter grade. I am like stressing out because we just had our first test of the quarter and I BOMBED it. We normally have 2,3 tests per quarter and they’re set up like AP questions from the actual AP exam. The teacher is also teach AP chem for the first time next semester to and I dont know how to feel about that.

Yeah, I think this is ordinary. Tests, quizzes, and writing are 90% of the grade in my AP English class, and test and quizzes are 90% in my AP Psych and APUSH, 70% in Spanish 4 Honors, and 93% in Pre-Calc Honors.

EDIT: Sorry to hear you are having trouble, though. Best of luck.

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Wait until you get to college when most of your grade is based on two or three tests (and/or a big term project or paper in some courses), while weekly homework mostly exists for you to practice concepts that you are learning.

In our high school, the final exam counts for 20% of the grade in every class.

My son’s AP calc class is 100% quizzes and tests. And there’s only maybe 5-6 in each marking period. So if you don’t do good on one test you’re playing catch up the rest of the marking period. There’s no homework in his class.

All classes at my kid’s school are 25% final exam, 60% interim “performance” tests and quizzes (and some graded labs in some courses), and 15% “process” grades (including many basically ungraded homework assignments, in-class work and labs).

Finals are usually waived in second semester AP courses, in which case performance counts for 80% and process 20%.

That sounds about right. Of my three AP classes this year, one of them is 80% tests, 20% everything else, and the other two are 70% tests, 30% everything else.

Tests that are set up with AP questions from the actual AP exam are confusing at first, but in my experience they help immensely with taking the actual exam in the long run.

That was how all APs were set up at my DD’s school too. You should be well prepared for the test.

Mine is more classwork and homework