Is it normal or acceptable to be 26 and never had a girlfriend or kissed

That’s me and I’d like to know if the right one will at least be ok with that. I’m on the autism spectrum so I’ve had a hard time with dating and although ASD doesn’t define me, it’s given me an extremely rough life.

Yes. Your time will come.

Aww. I am sorry to hear that. Don’t give up hope. My friend’s son is on the spectrum too and has taken social skills classes, which has helped him make friends. Not sure if he is on the dating scene, but if you don’t try, you will never meet anyone, right? I know people on the spectrum have strong, restrictive interests. Maybe start with finding someone who shares your interest?

There is no such thing a “normal” in these things. So many factors will determine whether a relationship will take off, that it is not uncommon for somebody to start their romantic life a bit later than others.

You are likely a late blossomer, and the fact that you are on the autism spectrum likely had a negative impact on your romantic life. What you really need to do is to figure out how to work with what you have.

People with ASD do have romantic partners and have a love life. However, like every other thing in your life, unfortunately, things are going to be more difficult. Like with everything else in your life, you need to figure out if and how being ASD has affected your love life, and, like everything else, figure out how to manage it.

Luckily, the internet is your friend. I am sure that there are websites with helpful tips and strategies,

Dating apps are a great way to go, and you should check out Hiki (hikiapp dot com).

Looking at your other threads, I will repeat the most important piece of advice - look for advice on dating for ASD people. The strategies which you have tried, according to your posts, are strategies that work for neurotypical people, and are very likely not very useful for you. You should really start looking for dating advice for ASD people, and it is best if it is from somebody who actually understands who you are.

You wrote about a dating coach on another thread. Based on what you wrote, it didn’t work, and I think that it is because it was tailored to neurotypical people. It was like trying to teach somebody who is tone deaf how to attract a romantic partner by serenading them. It doesn’t matter how many music lessons that person will have, or how many hours they put into practice, it won’t help. Their time and money should be spent on learning other ways to be attractive as a romantic partner.

So go and look for advice from people who actually actually do understand what you can and cannot do, and will provide you with advice on how to work with that.

I will also repeat - there is no “normal” age to start dating. There is no “normal” age to have your first relationship. It doesn’t say anything about your desirability as romantic partner.

Good luck!

Never lose hope. There is still time. You can also get advice from avije Counseling Center( ) for more guidance. I consulted on several of them.

Hi there. I am 15 and I have had relationships before. And let me tell you, I wish I waited. Your time will come if you wait for it. I have a friend whose 19 and has also never dated anyone, yet she’s the wisest person I know when she comes to picking someone to be interested in. I kinda wish I had gone to her for advice honestly. Goodluck!