Is it OK if I can't take any AP's or honors classes freshman year?

My school doesn’t offer any AP or honors classes freshman year. Am I screwed? I’m obviously pretty worrysome and I just wanted to know if I was still on track for a good college with my current schedule. Here are the classes I’m taking:

PLTW Design Drafting for Production
English 9
Regents Physics
Regents Geometry
Spanish 2
Physical Education
Pre AP World History
Math Elective
Leadership Elective

  • 3-4 clubs

School offers more AP’s later but never any honors. Am I alright?

No worries. At my kids’ school they don’t allow AP classes until junior year (with an occasional exception) and that doesn’t keep kids from getting into great schools (including a handful to Ivy+) every year. All you can do is take the most rigorous courses offered – try to enjoy HS instead of worrying about college just yet.


No you are not screwed. If your HS does not offer for freshmen there is no expectation that you take them. College view your choices within the context of what the HS offers and allows.


Trust me you’re not screwed. The only AP available at my high school through sophomore year was AP Comp Sci except if you’re some savant and skipped classes by doing summer course work (uncommon). In the future take AP’s for the courses you like and plan to follow through with because you’ll probably do better in those than forcing yourself to take AP’s in classes that you don’t like. Push yourself but remember grades are indeed the most important thing.


AP classes are college-level, so no freshman is expected to take one, unless your HS offers the “gateway” course AP Human Geography instead of Pre-AP World.
Everything else is good.
Make sure to take a rigorous curriculum: 4 years of English and History/Social science (with some AP’s), Foreign Language through level 3 or 4, Bio/chem/physics and one more science (AP if possible), and math through precalculus or calculus. Try to take 6 to 8 APs during all of HS, perhaps 1 sophomore year, 2 or 3 junior year, and 3 or 4 senior year. Once you have that plan set for your 4 years add what looks interesting to you, and bingo you’ve got a great schedule for all the most rigorous universities out there. :slight_smile:


My kid’s previous school offered “pre-IB” classes in 9th grade but not AP until later. They offer “advanced” math classes. The school is considered academically rigorous and lots of kids go to lots of great schools.

Are you in NYS and does “Regents” mean the same thing it did when I graduated a few decades ago? If so, colleges, will know what it means. And they don’t expect you to take courses that aren’t available to you.

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No APs allowed for freshmen at any of my kids schools. Wasn’t a problem.

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Yes, New York State. Thanks for the help.