Is it OK if My ECs Don't Reflect My Intended Major?

<p>I still don't know what I want to do as a career. I want to go to a great private school (hopefully an Ivy). Some past choices were lawyer, doctor, writer, journalist, and the list goes on. I do like to write though and a lot of my ECs show that. Here is a list of them:</p>

<p>I'm almost done writing a fictional novel (and I hope to find an agency to publish it)
On the School Newspaper (Editor)
I've won 2 Creative Writing Contest (Small Scholarship money)
Took Summer Classes at UF
Took Summer Writing Courses at A Prestigious program called Inner Spark ~Californial State Summer School for the Arts
Secretary of French Club (Junior Year)
Link Crew Leader-- Organization that helps freshman transition smoothly to HS.(Junior Year)
English Honor Society
French Honor Society
VP of Writing Club (Senior Year)
Debate Club (Officer)
Working on Finding an Internship for Newspaper Agency</p>

<p>The reason why I don't want to major in Journalism is because I'm not sure if I would be able to find a well paying job in that field. And most of my ECs are creative writing-ish so I'm not sure how I can make that into a career.</p>