Is it OK to go to a college just because...

<p>First of all, I'm not a troll. You may have seen me here and there but I don't post much. I'm being serious.</p>

<p>It is OK to go to a college just because it's a party school?</p>

<p>My dream college right now is Penn State. Before it was UTexas. Now you all think I'm stupid because I want to go to Penn State just because it's a party school. Well right now in high school... I don't get invited to parties, and that's a whole other problem right there. </p>

<p>Long story short: my friends get invited to parties and I feel like an outcast/loser/unwanted/etc. People know I want to party but use it against me.</p>

<p>Another long story short: My "friends" told me at Halloween that they were gonna have a party and I was invited. Turns out that they were kidding. I felt hopeless and depressed.</p>

<p>Seriously, I'll do anything to be invited to a party now. And the parties that I talk about are just dance parties, no drugs/etc. because me and my friends are athletes (XC and track.)</p>

<p>Now if I go to Penn State, it will be heaven because I can freely party, and nobody will know me, so I won't be "the idiot to not invite to parties." What is your guys opinion on this? </p>

<p>I know it sounds stupid, but it will make me happy for sure.</p>

<p>Yeah it's OK. </p>

<p>It's also OK for your parents to tell you get screwed because they don't want to pay for you to party. </p>

I know it sounds stupid, but it will make me happy for sure.


<p>And you know this because you've been to a party school?</p>

<p>Oh, and, EVERY school is a party school- it just depends on the level of partying. Any sizable university will have plenty of parties for you to go to.</p>

<p>So you're gonna spend 25,000 (or more, I don't know) so that you can (MIGHT) reinvent yourself into a cuckoo partier in college? I mean, if you don't have the stuff to get invited to parties now, there's no guarantee you'll be able to alter yourself so extremely and effectively in college, and poof what a waste. I'm pretty sure all colleges (even cal) have partying.</p>

<p>You should go to an in-state public school. Ohio has a number of excellent choices (Ohio State, Miami U, etc.). There will be plenty of parties at any of these schools and you won't be paying a fortune in OOS tuition.</p>

<p>If my parents don't pay, then I'll be fine still.</p>

<p>I'd rather be happy and poor then rich and sad. I'm doing "all right" in school (~3.5GPA) but I still have chances for scholarships.</p>

<p>^ Penn State gives horrendous OOS scholarships. Same goes for UT.</p>

<p>What do you mean? Just plain awful or that they don't give out many? Because if they don't give out many, I'd be willing to go out of my way to get one.</p>

I'd rather be happy and poor then rich and sad.


<p>They say money can't buy you happiness, but it certainly can buy you parties.</p>

<p>^^ Both. They are rare and usually small.</p>

<p>What's wrong with tOSU, Miami U, or Ohio U? You can't exactly argue against them on the grounds of weaker academics given your posts up to this point...</p>

^ Penn State gives horrendous OOS scholarships. Same goes for UT.


<p>I have a friend who's family makes around $60,000 a year. While decidedly average to above average, it's still not enough to pay for the OOS tuition for Penn State. She qualified for a few federal loans which is good, but the fact that she'll be allocating a sizable portion of her future income to paying off loans is a bummer.</p>

<p>From a social standpoint, yes, it might seem alluring right now, but the main point of college is to gain marketable skills for your future while "having fun". I would question if: (1) your parents would want to pay money for you to primarily party and (2) you could be social in a different way that lends itself to balance with your studying.</p>

<p>You can remake yourself (into a more social person) in college without going to a party school. From my point of view, choose a college where you can be social, have fun, and learn. You might find out that you want more than parties after a year or two: at that point you will question your decision.</p>

<p>That said, most of that is based on my interpretation of college and the social aspects, if you disagree, then, certainly, you will come to a different conclusion.</p>

<p>I would like to go to OSU, but one of the people that bullied me is going there next year. <em>sigh</em> but OSU is my "safety school" and Miami U is my "true safety school" since they will automatically accept me.</p>

<p>I would appreciate Penn State over OSU because I would like to go to a college where I'm the only person in my class to go to. As of now, only 1 other person from my high school is in Penn State and we don't know each other. In OSU there's at least 1500 from my school. I want to meet new people.</p>

<p>tOSU has over 40,000 undergraduates. I imagine you would find lots of new people to meet.</p>

<p>collegebound I like your post. I guess I wanted to go to Penn State real bad because I'm not having fun in high school while all my friends are. That's why I get so worked up when the subject comes to parties. But we'll see what happens in the future.</p>

<p>1) There will be parties at every school you go to.
2) Obviously you did something in your elem/midd/high school that ****es everyone off that you won't admit. Who's to say you won't change and you still won't party in college?
3) You won't be happy and poor when you get kicked out of college for your 0.50 GPA. You'll be SAD and have NO BACHELORS.</p>

<p>You have 1500 people in your school attending OSU which has a total of 40k? So in other words, just under 4% of OSU comes from Crest1ville High School? That doesn't sound right.</p>

<p>Like said before, OSU and Miami U are both good schools and there's no shame in having a degree from either.</p>

<p>"2) Obviously you did something in your elem/midd/high school that ****es everyone off that you won't admit. Who's to say you won't change and you still won't party in college?"</p>

<p>I moved to my current city when I was in 6th grade (I'm gonna be a junior) and my first days of school were pretty bad. I swear I didn't do anything. Maybe because people think I'm weird is probably why I'm an "outcast." But the real reason is probably because I'm a quiet person. >_> But I do have friends that party and such.</p>

<p>A lot of smaller schools like Colgate and Trinity are definitely mad party schools that are also strong academically.</p>

<p>I definitely understand not wanting OSU for a change of scenery type deal, but I'd look at what Penn State has that OSU does not that you want.</p>

<p>If you want a partying school, then UC Santa Barbara is the one for you. And it's not that expensive for tuition either so you won't be blowing you and your parents' money away.</p>

<p>Just because you go to a party school doesnt mean that you will automatically turn into a partier.</p>

<p>Yes, that's fine. Do whatever makes you happy. If you want to party, then pick a party school :)</p>